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All About Newspaper Publications

The purpose of this course is to expose students to the principles of journalism. This course will examine the history of journalism, journalism in its current form, and what changes can be expected for the future. Students will be exposed to a variety of journalistic mediums, with a focus on newspaper and online forms. This includes the study and application of the different styles of writing found within a metropolitan newspaper, including but not limited to news, feature, editorial, review, entertainment, sports, editorial cartoons, and letters to the editor.

There will also be a large focus on the application of AP (Associated Press) Style. Students will write, edit, and create the La Plata High School monthly newspaper (The Gauntlet) in print and online, and will be responsible for all aspects of production, including advertising and sales.

Below you will find the syllabus for the class, which includes my classroom expectations and requirements, as well as the anticipated production schedule for this year’s issues. This is accessible to both parents and students, so feel free to use these links as needed.

Please visit lpgauntlet.com to read the students’ articles for free online throughout the year!


To access the syllabus for Newspaper Publications, please click here.

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